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22 Feb 2016

Grade XI  students of Taurian World School hosted a farewell party “ Highway to College” for Grade XII students.  Also in attendance was Mr. D.R. Singh, Principal, Dr. Mariam Joseph, Sr. Secondary Coordinator, teachers and hostel wardens.


Principal in his farewell note  advised students how to prepare a schedule for their exam and follow it religiously, study hard and do not burn the mid night oil to achieve good results.  He also advised them to answer all questions to the point and within the word limit, draw diagrams and label them properly, tie the papers and additional sheets carefully,  so that it is easy for the examiner to correct.  He then wished them best of luck for the examinations and success in life.


Dr. Mariam in her message recollected their time spent together, training and shaping the students lives.  She advised them to give up everything else to concentrate on their studies.  She said “Sacrifice short pleasures for long term goals”.


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