A good teacher is someone who inspires you to think

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Our teaching processes are hand-in-glove with the curriculum and are structured in a way
to support and empower children, while guiding and mentoring them.

At Taurian World School, we strongly believe in honing your child’s talent and sculpting a personality that’s truly unique. This goal can only be achieved with a thorough and evolved teaching methodology, which accounts for the overall growth of a child.

Affiliated to The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), we provide educational guidance to children from KG-XII and well equip them for an advanced academic career.  Our students are systematically prepared for The All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE – Year 10) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE – Year 12).

Learning Model

Our teaching is primarily inquiry-oriented. Thinking deeply with factual knowledge and concepts to communicate ideas and solve problems, transferring knowledge across distinct global contexts, and seeing patterns and connections between concepts, ideas and situations are at the heart of concept-based teaching and learning.

We practice all-inclusive, interactive methods like educational workshops, symposiums, activity based learning, cultural and sports activities. Such techniques are supported by modern learning aids like applications, digital presentations, videos and documentary films, TED talks and other interesting learning techniques; we strive to deliver academic brilliance in a way that encourages critical thinking and creativity.

Teachers constantly strive to expose students to new experiences, challenges and opportunities with experiential learning. Such an education model empowers students and teachers to execute collaborative activities, utilize relevant knowledge and experience and regularly assess the understanding of the concepts.

Exposure to global Learning

Being a world school, our students are privileged to have interaction and mentoring from our foreign faculty who are the ambassadors of their native cultures, thus bringing the world philosophies together.  To further boost such global learning, we take initiatives to help our students join international internships programs. One such internship opportunity is provided by CERN, Geneva, where every year, selected students from Taurian get academic exposure.

Having collaborated with National Geographic Explorer we bring world-class content and unparalleled experience parallel to the classroom, through highest quality learning resources – physical magazine complimented by extensive digital, virtual and online content, worksheets, and experiments from the National Geographic Society.  These resources help students build on concepts not only in languages but also in pure sciences, earth science, environmental science, wildlife, geography, history and much more.  This creates an integrated, interdisciplinary learning experience.



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