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Examination Guidance Session

13 Jan 2018

Examination Guidance

I would like to inform you that we are moving ahead with complete focus in academics and guiding the students in preparing well for the forthcoming Term II Examination.

As an educator I firmly believe that it is our duty to counsel and guide our students to keep them focused not only in their studies but also to actively participate in the learning process.

Keeping this in mind, here is some guidance for the students:

  1. The students should utilize quality time and need to put into their studies at this point of time
  2. They should be alert and attentive in the classroom doing the revision time.
  3. They should actively participate in the revision task and cooperate with the teachers by sincerely doing the set tasks.
  4. The students should devise a ‘Study Plan’ for their everyday evening study, and share it with the teacher and then to ensure that they follow the plan to make it happen – ‘Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan’.
  5. The teachers should help the young learners understand the factors and conditions under which the brain is able to absorb and retain the content learnt. This will help an individual student to understand the subjects that need higher level of concentration, when to study such subjects, develop a pattern in the system of their study so that the brain is able to retain the content.I am sure with regular guidance and check our students will indeed do well. Please contact me immediately if you have any concern. I will be more than happy to help you.


Vijay Akshit Paul

Middle School Coordinator

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