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Learning by Doing

19 May 2015

One of the fundamental beliefs underpinning our Primary Programme is that when students are actively involved in their learning, they learn deeper and for longer. There is an old saying by the Chinese thinker, Confucius, which translates as, ‘I see and I forget. I hear and I understand. I do and I remember.’

So much of what we do in the primary section involves students ‘doing’ things; designing, planning, experimenting, making, drafting, re-drafting, playing, analysing, discussing, evaluating, predicting, acting and many, many more. This ‘experiential’ learning, in which students experience learning through doing helps them to remember the new learning and retain it for far longer than if they had just read or copied it. Additionally, of course, so many vital skills are developed through these activities, which are skills for life, not just to pass Class XII.

So much research has been done into child development and educational psychology which shows time and time again that students learn better when they are actively engaged and doing something. As teachers, we have to think of different ways to present the same material in a way which will help our students to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

At Taurian, our teachers receive regular training and constant support in order to bring in this freshness to their classroom interactions. With the advent of the internet, there is an enormous and ever-growing wealth of resources for teachers created by teachers. Even our most un-tech-savvy teachers have got themselves hooked up to various teacher forums and groups on social media and regularly share their newly-found ideas and resources with each other. So even in this small corner of the world, tucked away in a remote part of Jharkhand, children are getting the much needed international exposure to ideas, ways of learning and ways of doing.

* Image taken from: www.sparkinsight.com

** The infographic represents Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning which he developed in the 1960’s.

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