Teacher’s Day & Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations

08 Sep 2015 |

The festival of Teachers Day and Sri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated at Taurian World School with great zeal and enthusiasm on 4th and 5th September 2015. All the students and teachers enthusiastically participated in the celebrations that included scintillating song and dance performances, games, shows etc. Students expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their unconditional love and guidance in all spheres of knowledge.

“All work and no play make jack a dull boy” is a very well known proverb. Games are very useful for health. They refresh and recreate the energy that has been lost in the days work. Students who have to study hard must play some games. There are a number of games both Indian and Foreign. Crickets, Tennis, Football are a number of games. They are costly. On the other hand, ‘Kabaddi’, is an Indian Game.

 At the same time the awareness generated by the Pro Kabaddi League and the enthusiasm of the our sports coaches and  Residential Discipline In-charge inspired the Hostel students who took a liking to the sport which laid the foundation for a very successful inter-house Kabaddi competition in this very auspicious Teachers Day.

On 4th September we conducted a very interesting friendly football match between Students and Staff. The match started at8:30am and gave over by  9:30 am. In this football match Staff team won the match by scoring 5-1 against Students team. Mr. Basudev Das (Football coach) was the Referee. From Staff side Mr. Deepak Joel (Sports Co-ordinator) scored 3 beautiful Goals and Mr. Modeste Date scored 2 Goals, from student side Ayush Anand scored 1 Goal.

The same day in the evening we had a Friendly cricket match with student by tennis ball. Students team won the toss and elected to bat first and in 10 over’s they have scored 95 Runs a huge score for loss of 7 wickets. From teacher side Mr. Vivek and Joel bowled first and got the wickets but Master Ankit Srivastava the middle order batsman from Students team batted  very well and scored 35 runs. In the Second inning Mr. Ritesh  And Mr. Sujeet went for opening  but Ritesh’s  wicket was down in the first over in the score of 5 and the second wicket fell at a total score of 46. It was a good start but unfortunately the middle order batsman couldn’t play very well and required run rate became very high therefore teachers team scored 85 Runs in 10 overs and lost the game. Mr. Krishnendu played very well and scored 32 runs with the help of 3 sixes and 2 fours. It was a great victory for the students over teachers cricket team.

On 5th September we organized an Inter house Kabaddi tournament, League basis for the seniors Boys category and “Tug of war” Competition for seniors and an exhibition match between Juniors Boys and Girls.

The Kabaddi match started at 10 am on the school grounds and was over by 1:30 pm in the presence of our Principal Sir. Our Sports coaches were referees of different matches.

Even though coaching for kabaddi was not done, the students performed very well. The Play ground was humming and buzzing with KABADDI- KABADDI sound with the drum beats of Mr. Sujeet Kr. Singh and players from all the houses who played. The Final of the kabaddi match was intense as the participants from both Griffin and Phoenix house were determined to win the competition. The match was very high on skill and strategy. In a seesaw battle, both teams showed glimpses of why they were the finalist as they won over the amazed spectators as the end of the match beckoned. Eventually, Phoenix House team won the final against a very resilient Unicorn House team.

The final points table of “Kabaddi” is as follows:















The enthusiasm and increased participation in a very traditional sport like kabaddi amongst the Taurian kids itself is the greatest achievement of this Inter house “Kabaddi” Competition and “Tug of War” competition

The Tug of War competition was also very Interesting and exciting for all the four houses. There were 12 players from each house and they were very strong. They all were showing their strength and muscle power during the match and they performed very well. In the end we had Tug of war for juniors. Between Hostel “A” and Hotel “I” in that Hostel A defeated Hostel I and Teacher Vs Students where Students defeated Teachers. Overall it was a very nice competition and students enjoyed very much.

 The final points table of “Tug of War” is as follows:


On behalf of Taurian family, we congratulate the entire sports team for organising such wonderful events on this auspicious day.  Thanks also to Mr. Rajeev Ranjan (Residential Discipline In-charge), Medical team, Mess team, the student players and last but not the least our Principal, Mr. D.R. Singh and AGM, Mr. Rakesh Bhandari for their support in such events.

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