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Why Are Sports Important For a Child’s Growth?

14 Oct 2015

Physical activity in children stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health and development. Medical research has proved that highly active children are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer of the colon, obesity, and coronary heart disease later in life.

And because exercise improves health, a fit child is more likely to be well-rested and mentally sharp. Even moderate physical activity has been shown to improve a child’s skill at arithmetic, reading and memorization.  Sport can also affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth. It is within sport that peer status and peer acceptance is established and developed.

All in all, Sport is an integral part of physical wellbeing. With little or no physical activity, children can suffer from problems like obesity, anaemia, posture defect and vision problems. Besides, a child’s muscles do not get toned and ultimately he carries a weak personality all through life.

A gamut of sporting activities at Taurian

At the Taurian World School, Physical Education occupies as important a place as academics. A range of outdoor and indoor sport are made available to children under the guidance of experienced coaches. Says Kenyan trained Coach Joel: We expose students to a variety of sports – there’s Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Horse-riding, Martial Arts, Swimming, Table Tennis and Tennis.  Coach Joel says; “While training for each sport, we believe that basics are the most essential skills. Our sports programmes are designed not just for physical fitness but also to help develop self-esteem and build leadership skills. To encourage a healthy mind in a healthy body!”

Taurian Students bring home laurels in Karate

The spectacular performance of our students in the 6th Shotokan National Karate Championship organized by Bhushikan Seito Karate Do Kyokal in association with “All India Budo Shotokan Karate Association” – AIBSKA, at Dhanbad, Jharkhand was overwhelming.

The finalists, TWS students Ashutosh Kumar Singh and Shanuj Agarwal represented India in the “JSKA World Championship” held in Italy, 2014, and performed brilliantly. They came home with:

2 Golds by Ashutosh Kumar

1 Silver by Akanksha Kumari

1 Bronze by Ayushi Marki

1 Gold & 1 Bronze by Sahnuj Agrawal.

Coach Krishnendu was also awarded a Gold Medal.

And finally,

We at Taurian World School firmly support the belief that “Skills learned in childhood build foundations for enjoyment of sport throughout life.”

Who knows, your child could be the next Husain Bolt, Justin Gatlin, Manny Pacquiao, Ian Thorpe, LeBron James or any other professional sportsperson on the planet.

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