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Dining Hall – Social Hub of Campus Life

26 Aug 2016 | Whole School Events, 2016
Dining Hall – Social Hub of Campus Life

Dear Parents,

Dining is a vital ritual in society as it brings people together for common purpose. However, it is interesting to see how dining is produced and sustained within a dining hall on a School campus when it also acts as a social platform and gathering space for the entire student population.

Ask a student at Taurian World School and without hesitation they will tell you that it is impossible to avoid anyone, thanks to commons. With a huge campus and only one dining hall for the student body, commons is the social hub of campus life.  It provides a space for everyone to come together and bond with one another in between classes and enjoy meals. The seating arrangement for the entire student body and teaching staff have been placed in such a manner that every table accommodates six students with one or two teachers.  Teachers take care of the students social behavior, table etiquette and also ensures that no food is wasted.

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