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Grade 3 – Unit on Money

04 Feb 2016
Grade 3 – Unit on Money

As a part of their current unit on Money, our students of Grade 3 went to visit Axis Bank, Ashok Nagar Branch to explore and understand the importance and working of a bank. They observed the setup and systematic working of the bank. Students asked various questions to the people working there. They made various safety related inquiries to the guard of the bank and also asked the senior manager and manager about the procedure one needs to follow to open an account and its benefit thereof.  Aditi Ghosh, Senior Manager – Operations, discussed the importance of having an account in the bank and made our students aware of techniques to identify fake notes. Rekha Karwa, Manager – Retail Banking was highly impressed with the level of knowledge our students demonstrated. She appreciated the curiosity they had and also the confidence level with which they discussed and made inquiries to them without any hesitation. The bank visit helped the students understand the concept of banking in a practical and efficient way. Our students really enjoyed this field trip and were excited having discussed their topic directly with the concerned persons responsible.

“I really enjoyed the field trip and was so excited to discuss about the techniques to identify a fake note. We also got to see the small machine they use in bank to identify the fake notes” – Md. Hayat Mallick (Grade -3)

“Rekha Ma’am showed us a small device which just identifies her fingerprint as a code to log into the computer. She also allowed us to try it to show that it would not take anyone else’s fingerprint as the code” – Ipshita Singh (Grade -3)

They also had Ashish Agarwal, Manager Accounts of our own school as the guest speaker. He discussed about the different types of markets and the essentials of the same with our students. Our students made various inquiries about the workings of a market with relation to demand, price and supply. It was great to see our students interact and discuss their unit topic with him.

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