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Hostel Award Ceremony

30 Dec 2015
Hostel Award Ceremony

The Best Hostel and Hostel Student Award Ceremony was held on 6th November, 2015 in the Amphi Theatre.  Each one had worked hard and been on his/her best behaviour as all individual efforts mattered in the team effort towards winning the most prized Hostel Award.  Criteria for winning the “Best Hostel Award” and Best Hostel Student of the month is based on the month long marking system on discipline, punctuality and neatness.

There was a lot of excitement as Principal, Mr. D.R. Singh went on stage to hand over the awards as the results were being declared.

Student of the month went to Ora Chandan of Hostel A followed by Sujal Kumar of Hostel I, Rohit Raj of Hostel E, Rahul Bhagat of Hostel F, Sankalp Srijan of Hostel G and finally to Aniket Agarwal of Hostel H.

Students anxiously held their breath as the final announcement was made and the Best Hostel Award went to Hostel “G”.  The ceremony came to a close with a motivational speech given by the Principal.

Provided below are pictures of the ceremony.


DSC_3545 DSC_3543 DSC_3541 DSC_3539 DSC_3537 DSC_3534

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