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Let’s Connect – Day 2

07 Apr 2016
Let’s Connect – Day 2

So here comes day 2…..

Researchers studying the benefits of music have reported that playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can help bring down stress. Studies show that playing an instrument helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers the stress hormone, thus making us feel relaxed. While just listening to music also helps, learning to play an instrument brings with it a comforting routine of daily practice that helps in keeping the stress hormones away.

In our Eastern Music session, Ms. Nivedita Introduced a new prayer song, (Teri hay Zameen.).Mr.  Ayan, Introduced basic of Tabla, Each child have learned how to play ” Te Re Ke Te”.
To grade 1, Ms. Nivedita has taught fundamental Notes of music, which is Sa Re Ga Ma,…..Mr. Ayan has taught how to play the fundamental notes on Key Board.

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Whereas in western music by Mr. Kevin, they learnt about new instruments and sounds.
When it comes to dance, our students really get curious. In the dance activity session, they introduced themselves and learnt about the benefits of dance. They showed interest in different forms of dance and inquired about the same.
About their dance session our students have to say something. Antra of Grade 5 says, “We learnt the techniques of dance on the second day of session 2016-17.” Agreeing on this Suhani from grade 5 says,”True Antra!! the best part was when Vivek Sir told us about Stance. Stance is the gap between both legs which has to be according to height.”
Students of Grade 2 and 3 did an activity on sarvnaam (Pronoun) Ms. Sunita, Ms. Swati and Ms. Urvashi. They were asked to discuss and identify the pronouns which they later on presented in a picture in the form of a poster.
Class 3rd and 2nd students enjoyed sports activity with Mr. Wilshan. They loved filling water in glass with spoon and handkerchief thief game.
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With Mr. Krishnendu, our tiny tots got to know about yoga.
Introducing yoga to grade LKG,UKG & 1
Mr. Santosh, Mr. Basu and Mr. Sujeet involved grade 4 and 5 in ball in the tunnel game.
Grade Lkg Students under the guidance of Ms. Seema, tried to build up houses with the help of dough based on there unit HOMES AND HOUSES.
Grade Ukg prepared colorful tulip garden with Ms. Renu.
Grade 1 made a promise to maintain class discipline. They also practiced table manners in class with Ms. Sujata and watched Daniel tiger video for better understanding of good practices.
On the second day of the school grade 2 did the activity called ” I know My Buddy” in which they stated the quality of their buddy made a badge and a card  . The children were happy and proud to wear and move around the campus with that title badge. Qualities of their buddies included caring, helping, wild reader, sharing etc this way they learnt about adjectives through buddy activity with Ms Heena and Ms. Sadaf.
Grade 3 students made three promises which they have done to themselves and kept it in their pockets named “my bag.” with Ms. Richa and Ms. Lily.
The students of grade 5 discussed and signed the essential agreement along with the class teachers. They jotted down few points of behavior, class management and the rules which the students expect from the teachers to be followed and what are the expectations of the teachers from the students as well.
Day 2 was full of different activities, learning and essential understanding. We thank all our Facilitators and students for taking interest and participating actively in Let’s connect week.

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