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Primary : News update 18th – 22nd April 2016

24 Apr 2016
Primary : News update 18th – 22nd April 2016

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to share with you the news update of our Primary section for the week gone by (Monday 18th – Friday 22nd April, 2016)

Students of grade 3 under the guidance of their teacher Ms. Lily Sinha and Ms. Richa did an activity on ‘Place value’  through arranging the blocks of different sizes and values according to the given number.  Students enjoyed the activity and were more clear about the concept of different place values.

The students also enjoyed illustrating the Earth’s outer crust and inner core in their unit of inquiry. They enjoyed colouring and labelling the layers of the Earth.   Through this activity they learned about the Earth’s inner core, mantle and outer crust and their colours. The depictions were interesting.

Ms. Farhat Nasim and Ms. Deepti made Maths friendly for her students of grade 4. The budding mathematician were enthusiastic to find out the length of the objects in their class by using the measuring tapes. This hands on activity gave them the opportunity to know more about the relation between meters and centimetres enhancing their concept of  measurement of length.

Ms. Taniya Ghosh and Ms. Sumaiya made Maths Fun and enjoyable for her students of grade 5.  Students were given some fun tasks and activities which they enjoyed while exploring the concept of Place Value system.  It was a group activity in which one group placed a certain digit in the correct place value to form a number which was given by the other group. Understanding of place value system, both Indian and International plays a vital role in strengthening any future concepts with numbers.

They also explored practical ways to learn the concept of Multiplication with Large numbers using a Maths resource known as “Ganit Mala” along with the catchers of different numbers which work in a way so that students understand the concept of multiplication as repetitive addition and can visualise the same to have a better understanding.

Addition and subtraction are the concepts which never lose its importance in our life. But, is it always that one way to add or subtract the numbers? Our students have also been discussing various strategies to solve a problem in the easiest practical way which would help them to calculate any equation mentally thus strengthening their calculation and thinking skills. These skills and the their ability to solve one problem in different ways are just a few of the goals we wish to achieve through these hands on activities and tasks.048053 084 20160419_082939 20160419_083035IMG_20160411_142247 IMG_20160413_100242 IMG_20160421_091203 IMG_20160421_091136 IMG_20160413_120949 IMG_20160413_120927 IMG_20160413_120835

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