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Secondary Section : Teaching through Smart Class

18 Apr 2016
Secondary Section : Teaching through Smart Class

Dear Parents,

The importance of audio-visuals in teaching methodology cannot be ignored. It sustains the attention of the students and helps in easy understanding of the topic. It eliminates boredom and activates the sense of sight and hearing of an individual.

The students of Class VI were taken to the Smart Class room where they saw a video related to their English Literature lesson, ‘Who Did Patrick’s Homework?’ The class was conducted by Mr. Vijay Akshit Paul, Middle School Academic Coordinator.

Later during the day the students of Class VII had a class on ‘Nutrition in Plants’ where their Science teacher, Mrs. Pooja Rai showed and explained a video related to the topic. During the lessons a lot of interaction was done and the videos made the lessons exciting for the students.

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