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TWS primary students ace in international benchmark test

10 Mar 2016
TWS primary students ace in international benchmark test

Taurian World School primary section is proud to announce the results of the international benchmark tests administered by ACER, Australian Council of Education Research.

All students from grades 3-8 sat the exams in Mathematics, English and Science, administered in a single day back in November. The tests are such that the students are not coached for the exams and cannot prepare for them in any way. They give a snapshot of the students’ ability on that given day.

We are extremely happy with the results for Mathematics as each of the primary grades tested – 3,4 and 5 – scored better overall than the national average.

More excitingly, in Grade 4, students scored better than the national average in each subject, and better than the international average in Science and Mathematics.

Across all three grades a large number of individual students did exceptionally well, earning themselves certificates of distinction and even high distinction.

This is a huge achievement and means that our primary programme stands proud nationally and internationally.

The ACER tests are designed very carefully and analysed in such a manner that individual and cohort data sets can be rigorously examined so as to ensure maximum success in our programme design and delivery. Each student receives a comprehensive report which shows his/her achievement in each subject and shows how his/her results rank against the national and international average. Teachers can identify which questions were answered correctly or not and by which student, allowing them to reflect on areas to focus upon.

Students were presented with their certificates today by the school Principal, Mr DR Singh.

Staff were also felicitated with certificates and an extra token of appreciation was given to the Grade 4 team, of whom we are particularly proud.

If you wish to know more about the ACER tests, please check out this link to their website: https://ibt.acer.edu.au/

ACER - Prabhat Khabar - 11-03-2016

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