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UKG : Our Community Helpers

25 Jul 2016
UKG : Our Community Helpers

The students of UKG were introduced to our community helpers through flash cards.  They saw different flashcards of Firemen, Doctors, Photographers, Chefs, Policemen, Engineers, Gardeners, etc.

After introducing the community helpers through flash cards, the students accompanied by their teacher Ms. Renu Kumar and two didi’s went on a campus walk, observing different people doing different jobs; knowing their workplaces and the tools used by them.

They started from the library where they saw the librarian busy updating the book details on his computer and observed different corners in the library for different types of books such as reference books, story books, picture books, novels and many more.

In the IT department, they saw technicians working on computers, and also saw the printing and  laminating machines working.

Next stop was at the school organic farm where they saw horses and cows of different colours and breed and met the handler taking care of the horses in their stables.

They saw the gardener busy at work cutting the plants and maintaining the garden very beautifully.

They visited the Garage where the mechanics were working with their tools like wrenches, hammer, pliers etc. During the campus tour they met security guards stationed at various locations.

The students learned a lot of new things and thanked all the community helpers.

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