2nd Day of Flora and Fauna Week

The classrooms were buzzing with excitement when students of Grade 1, 2 and 3 came to know that they were going to attend the workshop on Flora and Fauna. 

Students were extremely happy to be a part Flora and Fauna Week, which is on from 8th July onwards. 

The Resource Person, Mr. Nikit Surve, is a Leopard researcher, communicator and a trend-setter. 
Winner of the Young Naturalist Award 2017, he is currently a Research Associate with the Wildlife Conservation Society – India, 
Nikit Surve conducted the first-ever official, scientific census of leopards in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, as a part of his Master’s dissertation for the Wildlife Institute of India.

He helped students connect with the wildlife, by talking about Mowgli, the jungle boy. It was an interesting and overwhelming discussion on how animals hunt, move or live in the forest. Students enjoyed watching videos on different birds and animals,  learnt about their sounds, habitat,  adaptation and food chain. It was an opportunity to gain information that we , Human Beings, are also an important part of the same community and we ought to respect and care for The Nature.

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