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Our primary section education is inquiry based and child-centric so that your little ones find joy in learning. The interactive and engaging curricula with a delightful faculty helps transform the curious minds into active learners and help them grow. The highly energetic environment complements experiential learning with curricular activities for holistic education.

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. I am glad to be a part of this exciting world of Taurian, where education is considered to be expansive and continuous. We constantly strive to ensure that children, at the most early stages of their lives, get a strong foundation of academics through interaction, attention and guidance. This helps them develop into better individuals of tomorrow.”


Brightly colored classrooms with a class size of no more than 25 children in each class provide a cozy, homely atmosphere for the students. Each primary class is allocated one home room teacher, a specialist teacher and an assistant teacher, so every student gets individual attention and guidance they need at the early stages of life. We believe in all-inclusive education and hence, our teaching spans beyond classrooms. We use our expansive natural surroundings, conduct field trips and excursions to make learning experiential.


At the Primary level, learning is mostly about understanding, engaging and interaction. At Taurian, we recognize that children develop at different rates and in different areas so learning experiences are tailored to their needs.

Our highly supportive faculty assigns tasks to the students accordingly, so every student gets an equal opportunity to grow, irrespective of their ability.

We assess our students not at an examination level but on how well they respond to our teaching. This not only helps them get better but also helps us to upgrade our teaching methods to their needs. Assessment of learning is both formative and summative.

Assessment tasks could be written or oral, individual or in groups. Students are encouraged to show their assignments through a presentation, a report, a speech, a personal reflection or a timed test to cite examples. Marks and grades are replaced with intensive verbal feedback at the primary level.

To see how our primary children learn, browse through the image gallery below


Subjects at the primary level are selected with the sole objective of making children aware of the world around them.

A grade-level homeroom teacher teaches the core subjects of Maths, English History, Geography and Science in a trans-disciplinary manner. Specialist teachers take Hindi, French, Music and Art. Students are free to inquire into each topic of Units of Inquiry which connect all the subjects together.


For primary classes, the focus lies on teaching the basics of the language in reading and writing. The students learn proficiency as they communicate in the language for their day-to-day activities.


Numbers form the basis of our learning. And nothing beats learning numbers through interactive methods which ensures thorough understanding of the subject.


Science instils a sense of intrigue. Early science lessons are likely to develop a strong ability to think and sharpens the young minds. Fun experiments with day-to-day resources encourages innovative thinking.


At the fundamental level of learning Hindi, we take an informal and fun approach to teach the essentials of the language skills of identification, comparison, matching, naming, drawing and counting.


Music is known to bring people together and is catching up in a big way as a major subject all around the world because of its sensitive and healing properties. For our primary students, it is the first step towards beats and tunes to help them develop a keen interest in music.


At Taurian, we strive to bring the world culture together and nothing can do it better than learning a foreign language. Children learn French- the most loved language of the world through basic conversations and interaction with our French teachers. It helps students competent enough to interact internationally, and also goes a long way in transforming them into global citizens.


Children have an innate inclination to colours and with proper guidance they learn various ways of expressing themselves through art. Using this as our means, we encourage development of artistic and soft skills in students.


At the primary level of education at the Taurian World School, we focus on enhancing the artistic and sporting skills of children by encouraging them to be a part of a planned curriculum. Students can learn musical instruments, or various dance forms, like Western and Indian classical, or folk. They also get ample opportunities to explore fine arts like painting, sculpturing, printing, clay work etc. Sport is an integral part of a child’s growing years. At the Taurian World School, young students learn the basic skills of football, cricket and tennis, basketball, and table tennis (girls) and also swimming. The most exciting sport of horse-riding is taught from Class 3 onwards.




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