An Interactive Session with Hostel Wardens

Hostels wardens play a very important role in life of the students in a boarding school. To support them professionally , a two hour training session “Understanding Different Zones” was conducted by the Taurian Learning lab for the hostel wardens  on 26th June, 2019.It was an interactive session. The session started with self introductions and remembering fun and adventurous things from ones childhood. To remind each other about the moods, emotions and how does it feel to be children. The team was encouraged and motivated with the example and work ethics of the Mumbai dabbawallas. Through videos and discussions they were told how to remain motivated and be open to new learning. Encouraged creative thinking to find different ways to support children using the praising opposite technique and encouraging the behavior you want the child to develop. How to be approachable and fair in your interactions, and how to choose and identify and plan about the area of development and growth required for a student.

Also discussed tips on how to encourage each other and take initiative and focus on working as a team and use combined effort to achieve a target. Plan and make effort for individual growth for professional excellence and broaden ones vision.

To understand the power and positivity of working as a team –through a group discussion they were asked to state different events and practices in their work where they see benefit of team work and lack of team work.  The Magic cane activity practically demonstrated to them how it is impossible to reach your objective if you do not work as a team. When asked about their learning from the activity this is what they had to say :“ initially the activity was difficult until someone took the leadership role”,“ Working together at the same pace is difficult”  ,” it is easy to find fault with others, while you may be unaware about your contribution in the team objective”, “together with conscious effort from each individual and good leadership skills the impossible becomes possible”, “each members contribution is important for success of the team” , “ supporting each other is another winning mantra for team success”.

The session ended on a positive note with a video  that showed that when you talk about the biggest, tallest, fastest and wisest animal in the Jungle – The LION is nowhere in the picture. But the LION is The King of the Jungle….Why?  We learn from the LION that you don’t have to be the biggest, tallest, fastest or most brilliant but be bold, courageous and willing to try.

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