“Atelier Français” Workshop

Bonjour! Welcome to Taurian World School’s enchanting recap of the “Atelier Français” workshop, where students embarked on an exciting linguistic voyage into the heart of French language and culture.

Embracing French Language and Culture

Under the guidance of esteemed French professors, Madame Bonifacia Lobo and Madame Dr. Bonifacia Lobo, hailing from Mumbai, students from grades 2 to 10 were immersed in a dynamic and engaging exploration of the French language.

Engaging Activities and Interactive Learning

The workshop kicked off with insightful discussions on the importance of learning French, followed by interactive sessions filled with traditional French songs, memory games, and cultural activities. From singing classics like “Alouette gentille Alouette” to enacting French prepositions, students were fully immersed in the language and its vibrant cultural heritage.

Fostering Linguistic Excellence

Through innovative activities and small tokens of appreciation, students were encouraged to actively participate, fostering a supportive and enthusiastic learning environment. Madame Lobo’s profound insights and engaging activities left an indelible mark on the students, igniting a passion for French language and culture within their hearts.

Unity in Diversity

The workshop culminated in a beautiful fusion of cultures, symbolized by the heartfelt rendition of the national anthems of both India and France. It was a celebration of unity in diversity, showcasing the beauty of cultural exchange and linguistic appreciation.

Continuing the Linguistic Journey

As the curtains drew to a close, Principal Dr. Subhash Kumar extended heartfelt gratitude to Madame Lobo for her invaluable contribution to the workshop. Students departed with lively French bookmarks and gifts, inspired and enlightened, eager to continue their linguistic journey with zeal and determination.

Join us at Taurian World School as we continue to celebrate the beauty of linguistic diversity and cultural exchange, nurturing the next generation of global citizens.

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