Acids, Bases & Salts

In just a few short weeks our teaching world has been rocked to the core. Unprecedented school closures have all of us scratching our heads and trying to figure out how to get through just one day at a time. Both teachers and students are scrambling to look for resources that can be used digitally for distance learning.


“Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein


So let us get right to it. The purpose of this activity is to let you know about resources that are available for both teachers and students in the world of “distance learning”.


Earth has divided itself into innumerable minerals that prosperously provide a role to the education of chemistry. Minerals fractionate itself into acidic and basic characters. Fruits and vegetables also take up the space of providing acids to us. Learning the classification of acids and bases without the school labs is an obstacle in itself. Now, being in lockdown is a monumental problem. But as we all know, “Necessity is the mother of invention so we all started to look out for opportunities that could be done at home.  



Initially, the students of Grade 7 started to classify acids and bases found in our homes itself(eatables, toiletries). But only classification of acids and bases won’t suffice the event of assurity on their characters. Checking them on indicators is a must. So they made their own Indicators using turmeric and China rose.



Learning doesn’t only require Book and Boards, what a student requires is a reflection of the topic. Not through by books but by practicals and involvement of themselves in learning. Students have time, attention, and effort and they are making a decision every single day about whether they want to invest those things in learning. Making the virtual classroom worth investing in is about creating a space where student’s time and energy, and effort will be rewarded.




Middle School





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