Bio-luminescent Trees

Bio-luminescent trees would be another even greener alternative.

Bio-luminescence is a chemical reaction that some living things like fireflies, jellyfish and a few kinds of algae – used to produce their own light. It’s an incredibly beautiful phenomenon, but more importantly, it requires no energy consumption.

The idea was given to our future generation kids to think about the ” Future Cities Lit By Beautiful Bio-luminescent Trees.

We humans use massive amounts of generated electricity to defeat the darkness, jellyfish and some trees can create their own light without solar panels, wind turbines or, hydroelectric dams. Instead the organism generates power completely autonomously.  Here we have developed a vision where we can replace centuries-old, energy-guzzling street lamps with beautiful bio-luminescent trees .

The videos and pictures are evident to prove that children minds are just like a parachute, give them space and see how their imagination brings hope.

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