Celebrating Our Superhero – Our Mother

We all had a favorite superhero while growing up – those who we see on screen but there’s a superhero whom we all know and love in our own life as well, the one with whom we share the very first connection of our life – Mothers!

Mother’s Day was celebrated in most parts of the world this year on Sunday, 10th May 2020. It’s a day to celebrate motherhood and express our gratitude to our mothers and make an extra- special effort to appreciate them for all the hard work they do and shower them with all our love and respect.

Learning is a bliss…..to experience blissful learning our children at Taurian World School are engaged in different activities to understand the importance of education as well as the educators and in honour of the very first educator of their lives, their ‘Moms’, our kids of primary wing did various activities in their language class.

Students constructed sentences and presented them in various different ways. They even spoke about how their moms inspire them. That’s how they celebrated the only one relationship in this mortal life which effortlessly scores above all known relationships on the earth.


Children even made a ‘Thank You’ Card for their mothers after learning about a story where a girl helps her mother and Grandpa. They thanked her for the unconditional love, care, affection and support she gives them every day throughout their lives.

They made wonderful and lovely cards showering their love on her which is very much evident from the creative cards they have made. It is the mother and child bonding that will always be cherished in the hearts. On behalf of the entire team, we salute the truly priceless loving and caring angels ‘The Moms…..’


Primary Wing

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