Farm Hide and Seek

Poetry reading can have a profound effect on the development of your child.

In fact, experts in literacy have discovered that if a child knows a variety of nursery rhymes by the time they are four years old, they are quite advanced little readers.

While being short, poetry is still packed with important literary elements such as characters, narrative structure, new words, and sometimes rhyming that can help children build foundational and more advanced literacy skills.

The musical rhythm of poems can also remind kids of their favourite song.

Our students of Grade 2 did a poem on farm animals named, “Farm Hide and Seek”, where they learnt about the different farm animals, their homes, their babies and the activity they do for the whole day.

In this context, they were given the activity, where they had to make a face mask of a pig.

Some of them made masks of other animals as well. They enjoyed the activity a lot and were very eager to showcase the same in the class.

They have shared the photographs of their work which is lovely and beautiful indeed. 


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