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Visual skills and the ability to build relationships between numbers and represented items are the first things children learn. Teaching through representation or pictures allows children to make connections between the real world and the math skills that are vital for academic success.

Grade LKG

In virtual class, students of LKG learned about after numbers. They have pasted objects according to the numbers that come after the given numbers. They learned number sequences with the help of this topic which helped them to easily find out the number will come after a specific number. They also learned about the quantitative value of a number.

Grade UKG

The students learned about tens and ones and they performed a hands-on activity to understand this concept better. They made two separate houses named Ones and Tens house. This activity was introduced to them in a story format. In ‘ones’ house only a single person lived and in tens house 10 people stayed together. In this way students have learned about the concept of ones and tens in two-digit numbers. This helped them to visualise a given number and develop number sense. They even learned about the place value of numbers and about their currency too.

Grade 1

The students enjoyed learning about special addition and subtraction using the digit zero with the help of an activity’ Zero, My Hero!’ Students come to school with rote counting skills, but they often do not understand that the numbers they can recite actually represent quantities. This lesson helped them to make that connection. They learnt to identify the number Zero, identify groups with zero objects and represent the number Zero.

Grade 2

The students have been learning about the Place value system. An activity was conducted to further enhance their concept of Place Value. They were given three-digit numbers and were asked to write them down in words, expanded form and show their value by putting them in the right position in the place value chart by further breaking the numbers.


Primary School

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