Independence Day (Virtual Celebration)

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

-Mahatma Gandhi


Independence Day is adulated each year on the 15th of August in India to celebrate the country’s freedom from the British domain on the same day in August 1947.

India accomplished the freedom after a long Independence development, which started in the year 1857 and ended with the formation of Independent India in the year 1947.

The resistance and common defiance drove by the Indian National Congress (INC) and various other political fronts ultimately non-political fronts ultimately compelled the Britishers to free India from its slavery of almost 200 years.

This day in India is celebrated as the National holiday, that witnesses the overwhelming celebration from every nook and corner of this country.

Not only in Delhi but almost all the state headquarters to the school level the tricolor flag of India is hoisted engraving the feeling of patriotism in the heart and minds of the people of this country.

It also provides the people of our country to showcase the feeling of gratitude to all the freedom fighters.

Every year, a sea of school children add youthful energy to the grand event, but amid the corona virus scare, they were not present on the occasion of this year.

Unlike previous years, celebrations have been restricted to virtual mediums this year.

We celebrated our 74th Independence Day with full joy and enthusiasm. However, this year, the celebration has shifted online due to the corona virus crisis.

Usually, schools, colleges, restaurants are decorated in tricolor on this day, but it would be a little different in 2020. We all chose a virtual celebration to maintain the same enthusiasm on India’s biggest day.

However, this year Independence Day celebration was also limited in the wake of corona virus pandemic.

Things aren’t very different at Taurian World School, Ranchi, where the flag hoisting ceremony was relayed live on the school’s social media page which was done within the school premises in the presence of in-house staff children and the staff themselves performed while keeping the social distance dedicating this Independence Day to those who have been at the front line of this crisis (doctors, nurses, policemen,etc).

Channelizing the creativity of students through various activities, Taurian World School had organized online poem composition, speech, video presentation, tricolor badge making competition, tricolor paper flower making competition, poster making competition, drawing competition, and making the Independence Day guide-collecting pictures, fact sheets, and graphics related to the nation and independence.


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