Shapes & Symmetry

Shapes & Symmetry

Identifying and organizing visual information is an important aspect of everyday life. Understanding shapes and patterns around helps kids to develop a wide range of skills like creativity and communication. Students of Grade 4 have been exploring the world of shapes, symmetry and patterns with lots of enthusiasm and fun.

To begin with, they learnt about different2D and 3D shapes. They used the shape board to make different types of regular and irregular polygons and also learnt about Symmetry and line of symmetry. They worked with mirrors to understand the concept of Reflective Symmetry and create a mirror image of various shapes and figures. After the activity, they found it much easier to identify and tell whether an image is symmetrical or not.

They also explored the concept of Tessellation using the ‘Tessellation kit’. They were asked to create different patterns using a variety of polygons. Based on their observation, they found which polygons are able to tessellate when put together to form a pattern. They even created some regular and semi-regular tessellation pattern.

This topic helped the children to develop their observation skills too as being able to sort information is the foundation for many other skills essential in life.


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