Making the Most of Language Learning through Online Classes

The virtual learning classes of the students in middle school are going on in full swing and ‘virtual learners’ are making the most use of this opportunity and thoroughly enjoying the online teaching. This week we will sharing their learning in the area of ‘Language’.

Grade VI  (English)

  • Story Writing: The sixth graders came up with fantastic ideas when they were asked to compose a story on ‘Vacation with Grandparents’. They utilized their powers of imagination and creativity while framing the wonderful stories. 
  • Preparing A Timeline: Timeline is a useful strategy for a variety of educational purposes. The students with an in-depth understanding of chronological events, created simple timelines in which they included detailed information in complete sentences for each event on the life of ‘Nelson Mandela’.

Grade VII  (English)

  • Preparing A Timeline: The Students of Grade VII were introduced to the elements and importance of a timeline before they proceeded to read the text, ‘Sachin: Leaves India in Tears’, from their Multi-Skill Course Book. The students came up with wonderful pieces of work.
  • Phrases to Use in Real Life Situations: The purpose of teaching a language to students is not fruitful until they learn to use it in real life situations. Students were taught some useful phrases to use in variety of real-life situations such as while congratulating people, giving or receiving gifts, requesting someone to help etc. to sound more polite and professional while interacting with someone. They were given some situational conversation topics to practice those phrases.

 Grade VIII  (English)

Online Discussion on “Environmental Concern” and the ways to create sustainable development:      Students of Grade VIII had face-to-face interaction and shared their views on the topic “Natural Calamities” as an introductory class of Unit 1; “Environmental Concerns: Warning to the Deaf Ears”. They had a discussion on the extent of the human contribution to modern global warming in a hotly debated topic.

  • Idioms: Meaning, examples and uses: Idiomatic expressions were discussed with the students during online interactive session. They were given a worksheet to further reinforce their learning on Idioms.

They were further motivated to choose and read different language books exclusively brought to them by ‘The Scholastic’. Even though the students are learning from home, we keep them motivated by checking and returning their work with specific comments which highlights areas of strength and improvement.


Grade VI & VII  (Hindi)

Grade VIII  (Hindi)



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