My Nostalgic Past

I still remember the day when I went to market for buying some groceries for the first first time in my life time. I just wanted to have some wafers and a bit of chocolates. I don’t know why I chose the longer way than having a shortcut but still I walked that way.

Just like a Vagabond, I was roaming, there was no such reason I could say. It was just for the sake of enjoyment. It took around 30 min to cover a distance of almost 700 metres.

Yes, I know if anybody would get to know this, he must think I am crazy.

Finally, I was at the shop but I started looking for everything instead of the Wafers and the Chocolates I had visited. One thing I would say with a perfect reason is that the shop was really marvelous.

It may not seem to be like that to the daily comers but for me it was just amazing as because the cleanliness was maintained properly.

I am even overwhelmed to say about the Manager that he was a cool guy, as he offered me drinks in hospitality.

And then I asked him to give me a Carton of Wafers and some 2-3 packets of Chocolates. I was damn sure that the cool man wouldn’t sell a single rotten or bad piece. I was influenced by his gestures and offerings so I believed on him blindly.

I purchased groceries from him worth Rs. 2000 and came back home. I was so tired that I even did not bother to examine anything and just slept.

The next day, While watching television in my living room, I leisurely, tore a packet of Wafers as if I was sitting in a Cinema hall. The first bite was enough to make me feel it was rancid.

This time I didn’t dawdle like before and reached that shop just in 10 minutes. As I complained against the taste, the Manager showed me the rules printed on the carry bag where it was written “The products bought cannot be returned.  So, please check before you buy.”

Actually, I got a very great learning from that day onwards – “Appearances may be Deceptive”


Anubhav Mishra – Grade X

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