Number Systems

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”- Albert Einstien

“Thousands of year ago the Roman used Abacus and stone tokens were also used to denote numbers but with the passage of time and trade advancements, the need for bigger denominations was felt. This led to the number system of today.”

Students of grade 6 while learning their first chapter NUMBER SYSTEM  were involved in so many activities, quizzes and research work. Each topic was introduced through a short video and some important notes shared with them.

Throughout practice and revision make Maths easy to understand. Keeping such things in mind, they were provided various worksheets where varieties of concepts were coverd and it’s the best way to test their knowledge.

Showcasing some of the best worksheets and classwork done by our students:

“It is believed that the best way to understand  mathematics is to apply it’s concepts to real world problems.”

Thinking about the tough times of today’s era, students were assigned a project where they were told to collect information about number of people suffering from COVID-19 in the whole world and many more things related to number system were discussed.

It was good  to see all of them participating enthusiastically and gathering information and preparing a report made them even more confident about the topic they were taught.

Some best effort put by our students to prepare projects are here to showcase:



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