Social Studies

Grade 7

Our Environment

The students of Class 7 did a lot of finds about the three different elements of the environment – biotic, abiotic and human-made environment. They came to understand that these three elements are interdependent on each other and affects each other’s co-existence.


The classroom discussion was to highlight the importance of environment, there issues, & its effects on our life and nature, with expert’s suggestions for prevention and protections. Through their experience the students were able to share that how humans have been affecting the natural environment.


The students did an activity of making comic stripes based on the conversation of two children who met on a school exchange program. These kids came two different countries, one having a democratic government and the other having the monarchial rule.

Grade 8

The Constitution and the Need for Laws

The students of grade 8 were divided into two groups and they did a fantastic group activity and came out with brilliant ideas when one of the groups drafted a constitution for their virtual online classes.


It is an important source of revenue for the government but the consumption of tobacco can be equally harmful. Thus the other group made a poster on spreading the awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.



Middle School

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