The Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar – One of the most loved and internationally acclaimed children’s picture books which was designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle is perhaps a story we all remember and love to share with our kids.

The story starts when a caterpillar hatches out of an egg on a Sunday, proceeds to eat vibrantly colored fruits it finds in escalating quantities from Monday to Friday, goes on a junk-food-eating rampage on Saturday, eats a nice green leaf on Sunday, and then nestles into a cocoon for two weeks and emerges a beautiful butterfly.

This story is not only loved by kids for its beautiful illustrations but it also covers a various range of educational themes like counting, days of a week, healthy food and life cycle of a butterfly.

Our students of Grade UKG enjoyed this story in their English class.

They watched a video and discussed the plot of the story in the online class with their friends.

Then they discussed and presented the beginning, middle and end of the story with their own illustrations on a sheet – right from the hatching of the egg to the emerging of the beautiful butterfly.

They even drew their own caterpillar in the Art class which also focused on the practice of different types of patterns.

Here are our happy kiddos proudly presenting their work.


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