The children of Grade 6 A and 6 B in Social Studies (History ) learnt about Studying the Past where the importance of Timeline and the sources along with its usefulness to understand the past was discussed.

The importance of the geographical location and the reference to dates was also been told to them.

Based on this the children of both the sections were given an activity wherein they had to make a timeline based on their own past and present events / happenings of their choice and make it creative.

The children did a splendid job. Look at their time-lines below:

Malak Hassan Khan's Time-Line

Malak Hassan Khan’s Time-Line

Rajveer Panjiyar's Time-Line

Rajveer Panjiyar’s Time-Line

Rishabh's Time-Line

Rishabh’s Time-Line

Pavneet Singh Duas

Pavneet Singh Dua’s Time-Line

By Middle School Students

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