Virtual Learning

With the online classes going in full swing, our teachers and students are determined to continue the learning process while also learning and exploring new techniques of teaching and expressing one’s understanding. 

Teaching and Learning online is really challenging especially if it’s Maths. Use of symbols, making concepts and processes accessible to students isn’t that easy.

Students of Grade 4 have been learning the four operations for the last few weeks. To make them understand the concepts and master the calculations, they are made to practice questions over various platforms. 

Use of animations in PPT to bring face to face learning to students have proved handy. A quiz platform named KAHOOT has been an exciting event for them.

It brings live competition and they can see their challengers live and also check their accuracy and speed – the two important aspects of mastering Maths.  Google forms have also been used to test their learning and comprehensive analysis is done to help students know the errors and correct them.

Students are also enjoying Maths in a creative way as well. Our young learners of grade 3 had entered into the world of multiplication facts with the Paper Plate Multiplication Activity.

The easiest way to use the paper plate is to pick it up and use it to quiz themself on multiplication facts.

This Paper plate Multiplication activity is also great to use with pairs. Students can use their paper plates to quiz their partner. 


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