Career Counseling Session

The Road Map – Post Schooling

A virtual counseling session was organized by Taurian World School under the initiative of the Taurian Guidance Cell on 15th Jan 2022 between 10.30am-11.30am.

The resource person conducting the session was Ms. Smita Misra, a renowned counselor who shared her suggestions on how students could utilize their time efficiently during this crucial time in paving their career path.

The session was started by Mrs. Misra on what skills could be developed and how students could use this time to build their educational profile.

She shared anecdotes on how social media can be used more effectively and efficiently to learn. She highlighted the importance of regulating that time carefully.

This was further extended to a discussion and sharing of ideas between the students on various courses and online applications available to add to one’s repertoire of qualifications.

There was emphasis on the importance of learning new skills, showcasing creativity and reaching out to others to offer help in various possible ways.

She also discussed and emphasized ways in which to ease Covid-19 related anxiety through meditation, yoga, and exercise. It was not only a highly enriching session for the students but was also a very interactive one.

Smita Misra is an Emotional Intelligence practitioner and trainer, social, emotional and behavioral coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field of education and counseling. She was bestowed with the National Award for best counselor. She is the first ever & the only counselor and Psychotherapist to receive this award.

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