Staff Development

Professional Development Day for Teachers

A Professional Development Day on ‘Role of motivation, peer learning and effective/positive communication”’ was conducted on 7thJanuary, 2020 by Ms.Tanushree Sengupta, School Counsellor and Mr.S.Varadarajan, Psychology Teacher. The session started with Ms.Tanushree drawing the teachers attention to the...

Workshop on Team Work for Sports Department

Our sports coaches, are a very energetic members of our family who work and coach young minds in a certain individual sport. But together as a department they become a more powerful team who are able to mould...

An Interactive Session with Hostel Wardens

Hostels wardens play a very important role in life of the students in a boarding school. To support them professionally , a two hour training session "Understanding Different Zones" was conducted by the Taurian Learning lab for the hostel wardens  on 26th...

Professional Development Day for Teachers

As Solomon Ortiz says “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”. It is therefore extremely important that teacher themselves have clear and better understanding of...

“None of us is as SMART as all of us”

A Workshop was conducted for Primary, Middle and Sr. Secondary Teachers in the school's Library. Active listening , alertness and mindfulness was practiced with the Ice breaker. This activity set the mode for the...

Scholastic Workshop for Teachers

Our teachers got an opportunity to attend a workshop on Paradigm Shift in Teaching Methodologies and Building Mathematical Concepts and Teaching Phonics on 2nd February 2019. The resource person was Ms. Chitralekha Bhaskar from Scholastic...

Workshop on “Communication and Team Dynamics at Work Place”

Workshop A training session  for all the staff of animal husbandry was conducted on Tuesday 17th July, 2018 by our School Counsellor Mrs. Tanushree Sengupta.  The theme of the training was “Communication and Team Dynamics at Work Place...

Personality Development Training conducted for Security Department of TWS

Personality Development The primary  role of a security officer involves protecting the property and the people and students inside the campus.   These security guards are positioned as the first line of defense against external threats, intrusion and vulnerabilities to the...

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