Congratulations to Mast. Vir Sarawgi (Grade VI) and Miss Vea Sarawgi (Grade III)


We all know that Mount Kailash is highly revered for the being the abode of Lord Shiva.
Every year, hundreds of devotees embark on the treacherous journey to this peak for seeking the blessings of the Lord and take a dip in the holy Mansarovar Lake.  
Through millennia, Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar have induced a magnetic attraction in the minds of people of India, Nepal, Tibet and terrestrial far away.  
The route is extremely difficult with extreme steep slopes and long distances to be covered everyday from one camp to the other.  
Even the River Kali is extremely dangerous in some patches and the force of the flow is so huge.
But this danger seems to have zero impact in the belief and valour of our students Mast. Vir Sarawgi (Grade VI) and Miss Vea Sarawgi (Grade III) who were part of this year’s Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2018.
They not only got certificates from the Director of Camp India Adventures, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, who himself is an Mountaineer and the Everest Winner, for completing the journey but also a special appreciation letter by him. 
Mr. Sharma in his personal letter, appreciated the students for their enthusiasm and bravery in taking part in the most dangerous journey and also highlighted that these kids were the youngest in their age to have participated in this religious journey. 
Many Congratulations to the kids and specially their parents for having induced that confidence, courage and patience in their kids to undertake such a feat. 


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