First Aid Training & Personal Hygience Workshop for Sub-Staffs

First Aid Training

A Series of First Aid Training & Personal Hygiene Workshops were conducted within a week’s period for all the sub-staffs (Bus Helpers, Lady Attendants, Catering staff & House Keeping Staff)  inside the campus by the medical department of Taurian World School . 
The sessions were very imformative. The training included ‘How to give First Aid’ to the student whenever minor or major accidents occur in schools or during travel and also to maintain personal hygiene. 
Ensuring that children are safe while in school is one of the major priorities of parents and school authorities. Having students and staff who are well equipped with first aid skills make a great difference in the entire safety of the schools because any emergency that occurs can be handled immediately. 
By having people with the right first aid skills and confidence to utilize the skills, emergency first aid can be done immediately, thus saving a life or preventing more damage.

TWS always focuses a lot about the safety & security of the students and such training sessions will develop life skills beyond the books.

Photos can be viewed by clicking on the link:  https://goo.gl/2AbENe
To know more about why first aid is important please click the following link: https://goo.gl/vNHf67

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