Grade 5 – Ancient Civilisation

Students of grade 5 have been learning about the different river valley civilisations as a part of their unit – Ancient Civilisation under the guidance of their teacher, Ms.Taniya Ghosh. They researched the various features of Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and Indus Valley from books and by watching videos. They learned about some of the important inventions made during those times, some of which we still use in a modified way. After watching every video on each of the civilizations, they were asked to fill in a reflection sheet where they could put forward their learning and opinions. They were able to link the past with the present and also compare and contrast the different features of all the civilisations under study. It was interesting to see them brainstorming about ancient lifestyle and the tools used by them. They were completely astonished to learn how the people in ancient times could build magnificent structures like ziggurat and pyramids. Finally, drawing on the different skills sets of team members from the group they made presentations from the charts made as part of a group activity.

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