Grade 5- Science Experiment on ‘States of Matter’

Grade 5 Science Experiment on States of Matter

“Science walks forward on two feet, namely theory and experiment … but continuous progress is made by the use of both.”- Robert A. Millikan

Therefore, the students of grade 5 under the guidance and supervision of their Teacher, Ms. Sumaiya Ambreen performed experiments on the theories of states of matter”. They observed the change of state from one form to another. The students became familiar with different apparatuses used in the laboratory like beakers, test tube, tripod stand, wire gauze, etc. They observed the effect of heating water and also the condensation of water vapour on being cooled. They also observed sublimation in camphor. The experiment encouraged curiosity as the students came up with numerous questions.  It served as an opportunity for them to develop their observational skills and identify changes and differences.

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