Grade 6 Activity :: The Journey of a Water Melon

Nature walk

Students of Class VI were taken to the school organic farm for Watermelon activity. They learnt the life–cycle of watermelon, different parts of the plant, parts of fruit, its scientific name, the type of crop it is, the country it originates from and its nutritional value. 

Children were divided into 5 groups along with the group name and taken to our Organic farm to sow the seeds of the plant and they experienced the various steps involved in watermelon farming. 

They placed their group flag on the piece of land where they sowed the seeds. They also prepared chart paper work based on their observation and composed Watermelon songs. The children shared their learning with the Principal too and sang the watermelon song.

The activity was very fruitful and the children learnt about team work and to value and respect nature.


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