Grade 7: Convection Current

Students of Class7 performed an activity to learn about Conduction, Convection and radiation. The primary advantage of experimental learning is to know the cause and effect. In this activity children learnt the basics of heat transfer through conduction, convection and radiation and their applications; conductors and insulators.

Material used: spirit lamp, stand, potassium permanent, breaker and steel spoon.
Learning Outcome : How heat transfers from one body to another.

Students feedback
Anshu Ranjan: It was an interesting activity. It helped me to understand different modes of through which heat transfers from one body to another. It also helped me to know about conductors and insulators.
Ayush Poddar:  It was a wonderful learning experience for me. When we see and observe things happening in front of us, we can’t forget it. It gives us a concrete idea of the topic taught.

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