Grade 8: Learn Past Perfect Tense through Audio Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words’.

Visual aids allow students to explain the meaning behind various vocabularies and structures without explanation. Teaching of grammar becomes very interesting if we engage our students in audio visuals.

Mr. Durgesh Singh, English Teacher, took the students of Grade 8 to the smart class for showing them short video clips and conducting an online quiz on the topic “The Past Perfect Tense”.

They first saw a short animated video clip where the use of past perfect tense was taught in a very humorous way followed by the online quiz based on the video. They practiced past perfect tense and framed sentences expressing this tense.

Students’ Feedback:

Yasir : I understood the concept of past perfect tense so easily and enjoyed answering the quiz.

 Rameek Singh: “We enjoyed watching a video and our doubts were cleared at the same time. We want to learn through audio visuals.

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