Grade IV & V Golden Triangle : Day 5

Golden Triangle – Day 5

The day began with buffet breakfast (Chole Bhature, Bread, butter Jam, Corn flakes, omlette,etc). Post breakfast they visited the Hawa Mahal built by Raja Sawai Pratap Singh. The team had a very friendly and enthusiastic guide to take them around and share with them the significance of each of the five floors. There were many windows and glasses on each floor and each had their unique significance about which students were briefed.

After Hawa Mahal, the group proceeded for Jantar Mantar, just a couple of kilometers walking distance. The children were in awe of the intelligence used during that time. They were fascinated by the sun clocks placed there. It was great to see students trying to calculate the the exact time without seeing their watches. They also tried to calculate the position of the place from the equator. The children learnt about the Equinox days and it’s significance. Students learned a lot from Jantar Mantar and with that, the team wrapped up their Jaipur visit and departed for Delhi after lunch.

As the journey was long (over 6 hours), the team dropped by a hotel on the expressway to have snacks.

They reached Delhi at 9:30pm and checked into Hotel Saptagiri where they were greeted by their seniors who had set out on the Uttaranchal Escapade on 27th March, 2017. Students retired for the night after having dinner.

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