Grade IV & V : Golden Triangle : Day 6

Golden Triangle – Day 6

Our arrival at Delhi, brought the Golden Triangle tour to an end. The day started with heavy breakfast.

We went for a full day guided tour of the capital city and were joined by the students of Grade IX (group going on the Uttaranchal Escapade). The group went to the Qutub Minar where the guide beautifully explained the entire history of Qutub Minar and how Qutub Uddin Aibak came into power.

After Qutub Minar, the group visited the Lotus Temple where they were taken for a round and then into the Prayer Hall.

The group was then taken to the Andhra Bhavan for South Indian lunch and a coke to beat the heat of Delhi.

Post lunch the group were taken for round at different key places like Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, different Embassies. The group enjoyed shopping in Ambience Mall. It was great to see the young children use their money carefully and wisely.
The children had snacks while returning to the hotel followed by Dinner.

Post dinner, the group assembled in one of the rooms for a debrief where kids wrote and shared their experience and reflected upon their learning from the trip. They had a sharing session on questions like the best moment, three learning from the trip, etc. Towards the end of the debrief, we got them do a small mathematical exercise where kids were asked to do some monetary calculations of the amount of money they received and spent.

Post debrief, students went to their rooms and retired for the night.

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