Grade VI :: Public Speaking Skills Practice


The students of Class VI A & VI B were engaged in a group discussion and debate presentation on a given topic: “Students should have more free time to do what they want to do”  from their English MSC book unit 2 as a speaking activity under the TGC syllabus during the zero period on 13.06.18.

The students were divided into two groups to prepare their points for or against the motion.  Under the guidance of their teachers they discussed their views amongst their group and finalized points to speak on individually.

After the given preparation time the participants came in alternative group sequence to present their view in front of the class. After the activity was over the teacher gave her evaluation of each presenter.

The activity was very fruitful and the learning outcomes were achieved.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students became aware of how to prepare, participate and present views in a debate.
  2. Students practiced public speaking, GD and team work.
  3. Students gained confidence on their communication skill.
  4. The activity gave them an opportunity to improve their logical thinking power.
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