Grade VIII – ‘Nature Walk’ A Teaching Learning Activity

Organic Farming

Incorporating Organic Farming with Academic Learning has been our endeavor which will benefit our kids to gain knowledge practically rather than just class room teaching.

In regard to this, Students  of Class VIII visited ourschool’s organic farm as part of their Science lesson ‘Crop Production’ on 13th April 2018 to understand various agricultural practices followed for growing organic crops.

They were elucidated about different steps involved,from preparation of soil, sowing of seeds, addition of manures / fertilizers to advanced techniques of irrigation and crop protection.

They were also given information on Poly-house, latest tools and the appropriate ratio of fertilizers required for ahealthy growth and development of organic crops. 

Our team of experts also explained about the organic manure which is prepared in-house, using cow excreta, jaggery and gram flour, which is chemical free and healthy for theplants.

This nature walk was a boon to Grade VIII students which made them aware of the new techniques and new mechanized tools being used in farming. 

They also came to know about the new methods of irrigation emphasizing on saving water, less usage of electricity and efficient use of manpower. 

Understanding on soil fertility and the importance of decomposers was never so easy for the students until they learned it on the ground.

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