GRADE X : SPECIAL LUNCH : 25-03-2017

The Management and staff of Taurian World School, (TWS) hosted a special lunch today (25th March, 2017) immediately after completion of the Grade X CBSE Board Examination 2017.  It was a time well spent dining together and recalling with fond memory their years of growing up and learning at Taurian.

In a fitting tribute the students of Grade X expressed their appreciation to all the teachers (academic, sports, hostel wardens) for always being there to support them and for all that they have grown to be.  The note reads : “ To a Special Teacher : When I started in school, this day seemed so far away.  Now it’s here and I can’t believe that time has passed so quickly…  But through your encouragement and guidance, I feel I am ready for tomorrow’s challenges.  Teachers play such an important part in shaping and guiding… Especially teachers like you.  Thank you for caring so much.”

Dr. Subhash Kumar, in his closing note wished the students all the very best and encouraged them to spread their wings and soar to success – to become global citizens with a positive bent of mind.

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