Grade XI :: Chemistry Activity

Grade 11 students performed the analysis of chemical salts in the chemistry laboratory.

Doing this test they learnt how to detect the presence of different acid radicals.

TWS always emphasis on practical based learning.

Teachers put continuous effort to build up a practical understanding along with classroom teaching to ensure proficiency in the subject.

To excel in practical work we believe in one to one learning and practice in a repetitive manner.

Prior to the start of any practical work especially during chemistry classes, the teacher briefs the students about the danger of chemicals and safe ways of handling them.

Various chemical tests are performed only under the supervision of chemistry teacher and lab attendant.

The teacher continuously observes the performance of the learners and also ensure effective learning.

The Grade 11 sophomores were able to learn how are they supposed to deal with all the lab equipment and quench the thirst of learning chemistry in an effective way.

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