Grade XI & XII: Visit to SEBI

As we all know, field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for students.  Students are energized by the excitement and anticipation of leaving the school environment and it gives them the opportunity to see and learn new things in a more open and unstructured way.

Students of Grade XI & XII went on an educational field trip to SEBI on Thursday 17th Aug. 2017 accompanied by their Commerce Teacher, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra.  The session  was facilitated by Mr. Gyanendra Niraj,  Assistant General Manager and Office In-charge SEBI, Ranchi.  Mr. Niraj extended a warm welcome to all  and asked a few thought provoking questions on daily life savings and investments.  He then briefly oriented the group on the history and establishment of SEBI and it’s main role and functions in the share market.  He made a power point presentation to explain the role of finance and how it flows in an economy.  The importance of savings and investments and how savings and investment helps an individual to make a capital gain in the share market.  He also explained their role as regulators in the financial sector and the current changes in the share market.  The students were very participative throughout the session and showed a keen interest in the discussion. Mr. Niraj willingly obliged and answered all the questions raised by the students on the financial market, such as how to use savings and how to make investments in the share market through mutual funds and commodities.  It was a great practical learning experience for the students about SEBI.

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