Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Improved nutrition has the potential to positively influence students’ academic performance and behaviour. At Taurian, we strive to nourish the brain and body for overall development of a child.

We believe in nutritious, balanced and high-quality and most importantly appetising food in an enjoyable atmosphere at each meal, every day.

To ensure that we give the best dining experience to our children, we grow our own produce in our organic farm, adjacent to our campus. Farming engages children in a creative activity, makes them aware of their natural surroundings and makes them environment conscious.

Our menus are thoughtfully planned to instil a healthy food habit amongst students. Our strict food safety norms are well defined to ensure the highest standards of hygiene in food procurements and storage, food preparation, service of food and all other catering operations. Additionally, we work hard to be eco–friendly in our operations.

Value additions at Taurian World School:

  • Menus are planned after taking into account suggestions from students and staff
  • Cuisine from around the globe is included to add variation to the diet
  • Table manners and etiquette training is provided
  • BMI and growth pattern is monitored for all students
  • Individualized diet plan is offered for children based on their health needs
  • Periodic hygiene checks are conducted to ensure compliance with international standards


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