Himalayan Trail Tour :: Day 2 :: Grade VI to VIII :: 22nd March 2018

Educational Tour

The second day of the tour was the start of the adventurous journey for the kids. When the clock struck 8 in the morning, all the students got ready for sightseeing of Chandigarh. After breakfast, they started for Rock garden and Sukhna lake.

Students enjoyed a lot at Rock garden seeing all the things made of rocks of Indian as well as foreign culture. They also saw the beautiful scenic beauty of the Sukhna lake.

Returning to Hotel Sunpark they completed their lunch and got ready to leave for Shimla at around 1.30pm.

Students were overwhelmed seeing the natural beauty of mountains and the curved roads on the way. At around 5pm, they reached Shimla and checked in at Hotel Depark. The students had some refreshments with snacks. 

The kids were so tired that at 8pm, they demanded for dinner only to get back to bed for planning the next day.

Please click this link to cherish the memories:   https://goo.gl/nd4uaS
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